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"I am an owner and partner at a 70 person architectural firm known as WASA/Studio A in New York City.  I have worked with Pinocchio Woodworks for the past several years and have been extremely happy with their work.  I specifically used them on a private school renovation many years ago involving extensive woodwork and it still looks great.  In my own home they built my custom kitchen and other cabinets which are of a very high quality.  I would recommend them on any job whether it be residential, institutional or commercial."

Jack Esterson, AIA.

"Pinocchio Woodworks completed five major built-ins for my totally renovated apartment: a big desk, a small desk, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and two cabinets.  The work was impeccable and beautiful. Pinocchio Woodworks completed all of the projects on time and with good spirit.  I can't wait to work with this company again.  I find myself dreaming up projects just because I know their work is so spectacular!"

Rickie Solinger, NYC downtown co-op owner.

"Juan Marcos and Pinocchio Woodworks have created three beautifully designed and executed kitchens for me in three different locations, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Woodstock NY. Each was an amazingly satisfying experience. Juan takes the time to take in your "must haves" and his own sense of design is impeccable. He has without fail come up with the most creative and workable solutions to our most difficult design and execution problems. I cannot imagine working with a more talented and yet accessible contractor. I recommend him whole-heartedly and without reservation. Try Pinocchio for all your construction projects.... big and small. I promise you'll be glad you did!"

Dennis Carlo Patella,  Voice and Speech professor CUNY, Landlord and Building Manager, Ulster County.

"Few month ago I had the opportunity to work with Pinocchio Woodworks in a residential project and a commercial project and it was a great experience. As an architect working on renovations and interior design I was impressed by their attention to detail in the manufacturing process as well as during the construction on site. When you work with Pinocchio Woodworks the result is an outstanding project of a truly happy client and a proud architect. What else can you ask for?" 

Carolina Cisneros.

"Juan Marcos Myerston and Pinocchio Woodworks created two kitchens for me. One was in a very small,  claustrophobic space. Mr. Myerston  opened up the space, built and installed custom made wooden cabinets with glass fronts so we could easily locate items, modernized the kitchen with  stone countertops, drawers for pots, pans and lids and made use of the high ceilings for storage space.  Now we have a kitchen that opens up into the living room while still giving up privacy so we can still have an elegant dinner party without our guests seeing a messy kitchen.
The second kitchen was much larger to begin with, but was in terrible condition.  In addition to new custom made wooden cabinets, a back splash new countertops , he installed a "lazy susan" revolving shelf in the corner for more storage space for pots and pans.  I believe Mr. Myerston's kitchen is one of the reasons I was able to sell my apartment at a very good price.
Both of these kitchens required a design sense that fit in with my budget and taste.  Juan Marcos Myerston  and Pinocchio succeeded brilliantly."


"As a restaurant owner is key to have a support team on every aspect of the operation from creating the space and the environment to the practical and operational aspect of it. We have found in Pinocchio Woodworks exactly that: a partner that we can count for maximum creativity, high quality and big responsibility and commitment. They are versatile and flexible and you can call them on any size project. Pinocchio Woodworks simply rocks!"

Maribel Araujo. www.caracasarepabar.com